Welcome to the world of Jack Curley - the embodiment of a young, promising singer-songwriter hailing from Stalybridge/Manchester, England.

With his polite and likable, down-to-earth nature, Jack embraces the classics "from the old days" and immerses himself in the vibrant Manchester lifestyle. Working nights at a local bar, getting tattoos, playing soulful street music, and exploring the beauty of Ibiza during his summers, Jack remains true to his roots.

At just 25 years old, Jack's journey in the music industry has already been filled with remarkable experiences. His commitment to honing his craft is evident through his collaborations with various artists under the esteemed Parlophone record label. Jack tirelessly works on perfecting his unique voice and bringing his heartfelt songs to life, all with one grand aspiration in mind:

To fulfill the dreams of his youth by performing his own compositions to captivated audiences of thousands, touching their hearts with the power of his music and voice.

From intimate performances in small Manchester pubs with only a handful of listeners to commanding festival stages with thousands of eager spectators, Jack has come a long way. His magnetic presence, attracting nearly a million listeners weekly and amassing around 104 million plays for his top five singles on Spotify, while also being featured on radio, TV, and notable TV productions, is a testament to his rising star status.

Jack's music is deeply personal, reflecting moments from his life, inviting all of us to share in his journey. In his very first released song, "Alice," he poignantly recounts a tale of a broken relationship with the girl next door - a story so relatable yet rendered with an authenticity that transcends clich├ęs.

Continuing with his chart-topping track, "Down," which has amassed an astounding 60.3 million plays on Spotify, Jack's voice reveals its mesmerizing charm. His music needs no extravagant production to shine; his magnetic voice is the heart of his artistry. With 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaits each new release.

Onstage, Jack radiates joy, confidence, and an innate ability to connect with his audience. His love for music is evident in every note, and the audience feels a sense of kinship during his captivating live performances.

Welcome to Jack Curley's musical universe, where every lyric and melody speaks of passion, dreams, and life experiences, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of listening.